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[ March 20th 2002 ]

Eidos Interactive and Core Design will sensationally reveal details about the sixth Tomb Raider adventure game at a glitzy London location this evening. The worlds press will converge to Victoria for an exclusive, invite only, press event to launch Tomb Raider Next Generation, including the games heavily guarded title.

Tomb Raider Next Generation is a three part adventure that begins in cosmopolitan Paris, where Lara Croft arrives only to be framed for a crime she apparently did not commit, and begins a hasty retreat through the dark Parisian underbelly relentlessly pursued by the authorities while attempting to piece together a puzzle surrounding the conspirators who seek her doom, vehemently led by the unscrupulous Eckhardt.

The official Tomb Raider launch will begin at 20:30 and will feature a host of new movies, concept art and screen shots from the upcoming Lara Croft adventure. Our team will be there, so be sure to check out tombraiderchronicles.com Thursday 21 March for the latest media and information.

In the meantime, click HERE for what we already know!

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