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[ March 13th 2002 ]

Top Cow, the official comic-book franchise operator for Eidos Interactive's best selling Tomb Raider adventure series, has released the final part of it's four-part mini-series Pieces Of Zero starring Lara Croft and a host of evil adversaries.

The four-part Pieces of Zero concludes with searing, incredible drama as Lara Croft confronts Caronne, the mysterious being known as the Avatar. The integrity of the present is jeopardized by events in the future, all of which is compromised even more with the unexpected return of the enigmatic Samuel Quill...

Penned by Andy Park, illustrated by Jonathan Sibal, colored by Jonathan D. Smith and written by the formidable Dan Jurgens, Tomb Raider Issue 20 is available from all good comic-book stores now.

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