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[ March 11th 2002 ]

Yorkshire fashion student Lyndsey McKee has designs on saving the world. If Lara Croft or Supergirl need a new outfit then they should look up the talented 18-year-old from Wakefield. The Leeds College of Art and Design student was a regional winner in The Cancer Research/Dylon Recycled Fashion show All Action Superbabes.

The competition asked Lyndsey and fellow designers to come up with an outfit worthy of a superheroine using unsaleable materials from Cancer Research UK charity shops and Dylon fabrics and paint. Those who made it through the regional heats had their outfits unveiled on the national catwalk at the American Intercontinental University in London.

Lyndsey designed a Wonder Woman costume with an air of mystery - hence the combination of armbands and high boots with a mask rather than a traditional headband. The outfit was created using an old dress, paper cups and tinfoil. Lyndsey said: "While I'd be surprised to find Supergirl a regular client of mine in the future, this competition was great fun and helped me unleash my creativity without bounds! I can't wait to build on this experience in my future fashion career."

The recycled fashion show was hosted by Yorkshire born TV presenter Kristen O'Brien and Leeds-born model Nell McAndrew, who took to the catwalk in the winning outfit by Anna Scott of Glasgow Caledonian University.

Susan Osbourne, director of communications and information at Cancer Research UK and a member of the judging panel said: "With vintage clothing coming back into vogue, the designers proved that you don't need spend a fortune to look great, just bag some charity shop clothes, some Dylon fabric dye and let your imagination run wild."

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