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[ March 8th 2002 ]

As the ethereal strains of a Tchaikovsky waltz swirl effortlessly through the airwaves, shake your joypad like Sir Simon Rattle gone badly wrong and cringe as the orchestra suddenly destroys one of music's finest moments. Or, get it spot on and gasp in awe as colleagues suddenly rise from their desks, embrace, and delicately glide across the floor in perfect 3/4 time, as cries of "encore!" fill the room.

The aptly-titled Mad Maestro! is yet another utterly bonkers, utterly Japanese title set to be published in Europe under Eidos's Fresh Games label. Rhythm-action is given an all-new twist as you conduct your way through some of classical music's greatest scores, while trapeze artists swing above the crowd and a lion taps out the beat on a snare drum. We like.

It's great to see an original product like this being brought to Europe, as so often we miss out on the more left-field titles Japan embraces. Longevity's always an issue with this type of game, but right now we're lovin' it, lovin' it, lovin' it.

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