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[ March 1st 2002 ]

Following his acquisition by Top Cow to illustrate the Tomb Raider comic book series with John Reiber and Andy Parks, Randy Green has confirmed he will also be drawing a four-issue X-men White Queen mini-series for Marvel Comics, Comics Continuum reports today.

"I like the X-Men Icons mini-series," Green said. "It's more of a character development kind of series instead of the 'We're going to save the world from Magneto' kind of thing. It's more of a character-driven story. It just deals with her and a couple of other characters. There's a lot of action in it, but it's more 1-on-1."

Green said White Queen won't debut much before fall and he will continue with alternate Tomb Raider arcs with resident illustrator Andy Parks. "I'm very fortunate with Tomb Raider because I love that genre, the Indiana Jones kind of thing."

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