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[ February 7th 2002 ]

Top Cow, the official comic-book franchise operators for Eidos Interactive's Tomb Raider adventure series, announced on Wednesday several changes in the creative teams on its core titles. According to a press release from the company, executives stated that:

"Fresh faces, new concepts, and a renewed passion by the core creators have energized Top Cow with a solid start to the new year. New creative teams prepare to rock the status quo on both Witchblade and Tomb Raider, Fathom resumes its publishing schedule, the Darkness gets a new look, Inferno continues its heat and many exciting new characters and concepts loom on the horizon."

The line-up includes:

Witchblade: Original Witchblade writer and co-creator David Wohl takes over the writing with Witchblade #54. A new talent find of last year, Francis Manipul, will be penciling.

Tomb Raider: John Ney Reiber is the new writer as of #21, and former Witchblade artist Randy Green takes over as penciler.

Darkness: Paul Jenkins is teaming with Dale Keown.

Inferno: Top Cow owner/founder Marc Silvestri continues to pencil Inferno, with artist Clarence Lansang doing a planned single fill in with #4. Held up originally by trademark issues that delayed the first issue's release and prevented Silvestri from commencing the second until just recently, the title is back on track in terms of scheduling with the third issue being re-solicited for a May release date.

Fathom: Fully recovered from his ordeal with cancer, Michael Turner is back to the drawing table and Fathom's publishing has re-commenced with #13, which is in stores now.

New projects: Battle of the Planets is scheduled for July. Both Turner (November) and Silvestri (March) have untitled projects that will be announced in the next few weeks.

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