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[ February 5th 2002 ]

Mariah Carey and actor Tom Green have been given the dubious honour of leading the field in nominations for the Stinkers awards for the worst films of 2001. The Bad Cinema Society, which hands out the awards, gave Green's gross-out comedy Freddy Got Fingered seven nominations from 16 categories - the most of any film.

Carey, who has recently been dropped by her record company, is nominated as worst actress - as is fellow singer-turned-film star Jennifer Lopez. The list come one week before the Golden Raspberry Foundation announces the nominations for its least favourite films of the year - with such tongue-in-cheek events providing a distraction during the congratulatory Hollywood awards season. Freddy Got Fingered picked up nods for worst movie, worst sense of direction, worst actor, worst song, worst on-screen couple, most intrusive musical score and most painfully unfunny comedy.

Other contenders for the worst movie title were Carey's Glitter, Pearl Harbor, 3000 Miles to Graceland and Town and Country. Freddy Got Fingered was recently named the worst film of 2001 by the Washington Post, who said it merited "special psychiatric study". Glitter, in which Carey made her big screen debut, has earned the nickname "Litter" from the Bad Cinema Society.

Penelope Cruz, Angelina Jolie and Tea Leoni are also named as possible winners - or losers - of the worst actress category. Among male stars, Kevin Costner, Steven Seagal, David Spade and Sylvester Stallone will battle it out not to win the worst actor award. In the category for worst on-screen couple, The Stinkers list Woody Allen and "any actress decades younger", Tom Green and "any person, animal or foreign object" and Penelope Cruz with either boyfriend Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp or Nicolas Cage.

The Bad Cinema Society will also give a special award to Sony Pictures, who created a fictional film critic so they could put his glowing quotes on film posters. The Stinkers will be handed out on 22 March - two days before the Oscars. All film fans are invited to join the society and vote for the winners.

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