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[ January 31st 2002 ]

Paramount Pictures eagerly awaited, critically-scoped Tomb Raider movie sequel will begin shooting at Pinewood Studios later this year after the Buckinghamshire-based studio's current occupants finish work on a series of high-octane special effects for the upcoming James Bond motion picture, Dark Horizon reports today.

The Lara Croft Sequel is currently queued behind Bond 20 for a place at Europe's leading film and television production facility with many of Bond 20's crew porting their services to the Tomb Raider camp upon completion. Paramount Pictures confirmed last year that Tomb Raider II would go ahead with Oscar-winner Angelina Jolie returning as buxom-gunslinger Lara Croft despite warning producers that the screenplay must fare better than the original for her to resume her role. The writing talents of two script writers have been secured with the better being used as the master screenplay.

Jon Voight - real life and on screen father of Angelina Jolie - recently told the Sun Times he wants to re-appear with his daughter even though his cameo role in the original portrayed him as deceased. "I'm like 'Angie, is there something for your dad?'" Voight told the Sun Times. "I was dead through most of the first one, and that was no big deal. I could talk to her from the Great Beyond."

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