Copyright 2002 Source: The Sunday Mirror

[ January 26th 2002 ]

Tomb Raider star Iain Glen was Nicole Kidman's shoulder to cry on when she split with husband Tom Cruise. Now Nicole can return the favour because Iain has broken up with his wife of eight years, actress Susannah Harker, The Sunday Mirror reports today.

Their relationship was put under pressure last year when Iain's close friendship with Nicole came to light while they were both starring in the play, The Blue Room. Iain has always maintained that he has never had an affair with Nicole, but the publicity didn't help his already wobbly marriage. In an interview in November Iain, 39, was very downbeat about his 15-year relationship with Susannah.

Iain Glen said: "I could say that I am happily married and always will be," he said. "But I'm tired of painting a rosy picture. In any relationship you have good times and bad times. Both Susie and I would definitely say that we have no idea whether we will be together for the rest of our lives, but we can guarantee we have had difficult areas in our relationship, shouted at each other, hated each other and loved."

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