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[ January 23rd 2002 ]

Image Comics has announced that it will offer Tomb Raider #1/2 free to all retailers as the publisher's contribution to the upcoming Free Comic Book Day event on Saturday, May 4. According to the company, Image will absorb all printing costs for the comic, so retailers will only pay shipping charges for their usual order.

Image vice-president/publisher Jim Valentino said that if retailers are to give these books away, he felt Image should give them to retailers. He also noted that it was his hope retailers would be inspired to advertise the event locally.

"Let's not let another golden opportunity pass us by, regardless of what any nay-sayers may say. This is the first time in comics history publishers, distributors, retailers, fans and creators can do something positive together. Let's roll up our sleeves and really work to make this event as successful as possible."

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