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[ October 21st 2000 ]

The sleek aluminum lines caging a beast of a 450 horse powered engine, and that's an understatement, could soon be adding a touch of class to the set of Tomb Raider as Angelina Jolie looks set to join British Secret Service agent 007 by jumping into the driving seat of Astons limited edition sports car. Aston Martin has finally revealed the V12 Vanquish. a machine refined beyond perfection with the engine's valve train lightened and stiffeneded, and a new air induction system developed to propell the 2 door carbon fibre beast from 0-60 in 4.7 seconds reaching an astonishing top speed of 190 miles per hour.

Lifting a page from Formula One, the six-speed Select Shift Manual transmission places paddle shifters on the steering wheel, with gear changes compaired to a similar system used by Ferrari, the 2000 Formula 1 Driver and Constructor winners. Two specificational flavours include a four door with a mininal fuctional back seat, or a true two seater, both of which wil be unvieled at next years Geneva Motor Show, with a price tag of $230,000.

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