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[ October 18th 2000 ]

According to a report in today's South China Morning Post, the Cambodian Ministry of Culture has banned the use of guns in scenes from the movie Tomb Raider, which will be filming in the 9th century Angkor Temples sometime in November, when approx 250 cast and crew descend on the Temples. Som Sokun, Director of Cinema for Cambodia says "We want to show Cambodia's heritage to the world, the beauty of our temples - not violence." and has allowed weapons on set with the condition that no rounds are fired.

The reports also suggests that Cambodia granted permission for Paramount to film in it's world famous Temples in a bid to boost tourism, which has seen a 30 per cent increase this year as a result of Tomb Raider and two further major motion pictures which will be shot later this year. In a letter to the Cambodian Ministry, Tomb Raider's Location Manager Sam Breckman has promised Paramount Pictures will portray Cambodia as a "beautiful haven of peace and tranquillity."

The Angkor Wat temples are dedicated to the Hindu God Vishnu. Constructed under the reign of Suryavarman II, the temples are one of the largest religious monuments ever built, covering 81 hectars.

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