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[ January 10th 2002 ]

The weather was cold. The snow super chilled and the insurance premium very high. The venue is the Snozone indoor ski arena in Milton Keynes and a selection of the best (we use the term lightly) journalists from around the country have assembled to celebrate the launch of Eidos' forthcoming Winter Olympics title, Salt Lake 2002.

Those of you who have been hiding under sporting rock for the last few months can’t have failed to notice the build up to the Games that start in under a months time on February 8th. The official game of the games, Salt Lake 2002, features six of the best events that will be featured during the four yearly shindig in the snow, all recreated in amazing detail. Just to make you feel like you are really there, all of the event locations have been recreated so accurately, they’re within two feet of the actual courses!

But what of the launch event? To show the specially selected journalists just how lifelike the game is, the Milton Keynes Snozone was selected so the hacks could practice their real life snowboarding and skiing prowess on the indoor slopes before having a bash at the real thing. Thankfully, the large insurance premium mentioned previously wasn’t needed but when we pressed the journos for some quotes about the day, all we got was "I’ve got blisters," and "Where’s the bar?"

But judging by the competitive spirit shown when a downhill skiing competition was had, the game certainly managed to impress all of the people present. Salt Lake 2002 is due for release on January 18th 2002 and you can find out more information about the game by clicking here.

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