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[ January 8th 2002 ]

As ringing bells and winter's chill drifted through the air last month, movie lovers escaped the cold to watch their favorite flicks. Fortunately, wading through foul weather and traffic to rent a video was not a problem for members of Netflix, the world's largest online DVD rental source.

Instead, they remained in the warmth of their homes as their desired DVDs were sent right to their doorstep. During the holidays, movie lovers turned to dinosaurs, apes and animated ogres to get their film fix.

For 20 bucks a month, Netflix offers an easy and affordable way to keep the winter blues at bay. Hot chocolate in hand, Netflix customers simply go online to rent as many movies as they want from a selection of nearly 11,000 titles, checking out three at a time. They can keep the DVDs for as long as they like, and there are no late fees and no due dates.

All movies are delivered free-of-charge by U.S. mail right to customers' homes, and when they are finished, they can return the movies in postage-paid envelopes. Netflix tracked the top twelve "coolest" movies that its members rented in December 2001. Below are guaranteed favorites to make winter a movie wonderland.

Top December Rentals:

1) Pearl Harbor - (2001)

2) Rush Hour 2 - (2001

) 3) Jurassic Park III - (2001)

4) Swordfish - (2001)

5) Planet of the Apes - (2001)

6) Moulin Rouge - (2001)

7) America's Sweethearts - (2001)

8) Shrek - (2001)

9) The Princess Diaries - (2001)

10) Bridget Jones's Diary - (2001)

11) Scary Movie 2 - (2001)

12) Tomb Raider - (2001)


Top Rentals for 2001:

1) Meet the Parents Universal

2) Traffic USA Films

3) Almost Famous DreamWorks

4) Swordfish Warner

5) Miss Congeniality Warner

6) Crouching Tiger Columbia

7) Cast Away Fox

8) Remember the Titans Buena Vista

9) Hollow Man Columbia

10) What Lies Beneath DreamWorks

11) Finding Forrester Columbia

12) Space Cowboys Warner

13) Proof of Life Warner

14) Billy Elliot Universal

15) Family Man Universal

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