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[ January 5th 2002 ]

Suzie Quatro made glam her own down on Devil Gate Drive. And, whether it's Suzie or Lara Croft you emulate, rock chick chic is back in the big time. It's the perfect antidote to some of the more demure looks around. Perhaps Victoriana leaves you unamused or tweed only conjures up images of Miss Marple.

Leather, on the other hand, is a durable alternative, ideal for unpredictable weather. Nor is there any need to stick to traditional winter colours - every shade from lilac to mint-green is clamoring for attention.

For true rock chicks, of course, black will always be the new black. It made Suzie feel Glad All Over. Cigarette-slim leather trousers smoulder with cool little cropped tops. Or, for that well-dressed-wallet look, choose a fitted bodice in matching leather. You probably need an ego the size of the average rock star's for the all-over leather image. And, ideally, a body that's a perfect 10. After all, there's nothing glamorous about looking like an overstuffed Chesterfield.

Leather jackets this season are slimline and neat - often collarless and zip-fronted or single-breasted with modest reefers. Some collections boast a full length leather coat ... but watch the styling. Too military and you might hear whisperings of "Herr Flick!" as you stride by. Trailer-trash fake leather in body-hugging polyurethene is the choice of weekend punks - those who stay on the safe side of full-body piercing and vibrant cockatoo hair.

Denim is the other perennial rock 'n' roll staple. But the blue stuff was out of vogue for a time after Tony Blair and Jeremy Clarkson gave it a bad name... Now it's back, more glam than ever. Dress up dark denim, trimmed with silver and crystal studs and little thin belts, for a trip down memory lane. The spirit of Rod Stewart, David Bowie and, of course, Suzi Quatro, should guide you.

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