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[ December 30th 2001 ]

Britain's finest weekend broadsheet The Sunday Times has tipped London based Tomb Raider publishers Eidos Interactive as stock to watch for Monday 31 December compounding a possible turnaround in the companies recent financial performance with a strong release schedule and a favourable strategic position to exploit a booming games market.

Also tipped to perform is American for recovering prices of commodities such as platinum and gold; video game retailer Electronics Boutique which should benefit from the launch of new consoles; property group Unite which is set to open a new, more efficient manufacturing plant for its prefabricated buildings; and power company Alkane Energy which is set to become profitable in 2002.

Eidos also confirmed Blood Omen II will make its commercial debut on Microsoft Corps XBOX gaming console second quarter of 2002, expanding the next generation console portfolio and joining recent additions including Max Payne from Take-Two Interactive Software Inc.; NHL 2002 from Electronic Arts; Star Wars Obi-Wan from LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC; and Azurik: Rise of Perathia and Nightcaster from Microsoft Game Studios.

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