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[ December 28th 2001 ]

Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment has released a promotional interactive PDA-based video game to herald the release of the sci-fi film The One from its motion picture distribution arm Columbia Pictures. It is the first time a studio has created a PDA-based game on behalf of a motion picture release, but it's unlikely to be the last.

As Geoffrey Ammer, Sony Pictures Entertainment marketing president, says: "The thematic elements of The One fit perfectly with the idea of a PDA-based game." Not everyone involved is quite so convinced of the cross-over potential between film and games. It is starting to seem like something of a one-way street.

While the move from big screen to small screen can offer an enhanced experience, the transfer on to celluloid works about as well for popular games as it does for popular books. Lara Croft and Harry Potter may loom larger than life on the big screen, but both lose something magical in the process.

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