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[ December 21st 2001 ]

For centuries thrill seekers have been in search of the ultimate adventure. Now, for the first time any where in the world, guests will explore the mysteries and wonder of Tomb Raider The Ride. Tomb Raider The Ride is the most ambitious project in Paramount's Kings Island's 30-year history. This remarkable attraction was fully designed "in-house" by Paramount Parks Design and Entertainment Team under the expert direction of Anthony Esparza, senior vice president of design and entertainment.

Once the plan of the attraction is complete, it is up to the Paramount's Kings Island team of David Focke, vice president of construction & maintenance, Sam Adukiewicz, manager of design & construction, and Jeffrey W. Gramke manager of engineering to bring this amazing new attraction to life. Many other contractors are involved in the project including the masters of theming the Webber Group as well as the special effects wizardry of Technifex.

David Focke, VP, Construction & Maintenance: "It is always exciting working to create an attraction that will entertain and thrill our guests. Tomb Raider certainly has the entertainment and thrill aspects, but also the element of surprise. There are four major classifications of the characteristics of an amusement ride. They include the ability to: thrill - like roller coasters and free-fall rides; entertain - like dark rides, train rides, attraction pre-shows; disorient - like the scrambler or the monster; and get wet - like flume rides or river rapid rides; or combinations of all of these. Tomb Raider The Ride has all four!"

Sam Adukiewicz, Manager, Design & Construction: "It's always great to work on and develop new projects of a prototypical nature while still utilizing proven special effects in exciting new applications never before seen by the general public."

Jeffrey W. Gramke, Manager, Engineering: "Every year we do something unique and very different from any of the other previous projects. We get to work with international ride manufactures, attraction development companies and Paramount Pictures in the creation of new themed experiences. Boredom is never a problem here!"

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