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[ December 21st 2001 ]

The look women most want is Victoria Beckham's nose and Cat Deeley's teeth according to the latest survey. One thousand women were asked what they think makes up the perfect face in today's image conscious society.

The survey asked women to mix and match the features of seven celebrities to create the face that they would most like to have. The most desirable attribute was Victoria Beckham's nose according to 46 per cent of those who took part in the survey.

Television presenter Cat Deeley scooped 44 per cent of the votes for her dazzling smile while Tomb Raider star Angelina Jolie's eyes were the third most wanted feature, taking 43 per cent of the votes. Actress Nicole Kidman had the most enviable skin with 27 per cent of women favouring her porcelain complexion.

Singer Jennifer Lopez, more famous for her shapely derriere than her Latino looks, had the most sought-after eyebrows, taking 32 per cent of the votes for her perfect arches. Popstar Kylie Minogue has the most coveted lips while Catherine Zeta Jones has the most desirable cheekbones with 29 per cent of the vote.

Michelle Foxley, a make up artist with Superdrug, the company that conducted the survey, has urged women not to resort to drastic measures to improve their appearance. She said: "It's all in the make up and knowing what each product can do for the individual."

The fashion industry has been criticised for projecting an unrealistic ideal of the female form but Lucy McCully, a beauty-conscious student from Glasgow thinks the hype is over exaggerated and was surprised by the results of the survey: "I think the idea that young women are under huge pressure from the fashion and beauty industry is a bit of a myth."

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