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[ December 18th 2001 ]

New ways of marketing the thousands of light lambs expected to flood the market as a result of foot-andmouth disease movement restrictions were introduced by the Meat and Livestock Commission Cymru, Variety Magazine reports today.

Gwyn Howells, manager of Meat and Livestock Commission Cymru, said at the time, "We need to be creative in the way we sell our meat. We have done a small consumer survey with light lamb and found people like both the taste and the appearance". Howells also launched a range of new cuts of Welsh lamb, along with a information packed CDRom aimed at boosting sales.

Lara Croft - The Young Farmers Clubs launched an eyecatching poster campaign to attract new members, playing on the image of the computer game and movie hit Lara Croft, under the banner "Game for Adventure - dispelling the ancient myth that you have to be a farmer to join a Young Farmers' Club."

The National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs said it hoped to boost its membership not just from the farming backgrounds but from other sections of the community.

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