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[ October 13th 2000 ]

Online magazine FGN has confirmed that Core Design will introduce a new trend to it's successfull Tomb Raider series, claiming that after the initial game is purchased, consumers will then be able to buy additional episodic add-on titles increasing the length of the game indefinitely, and introducing new adventures, locations and characters, as well as the ability to "top up" new features online. No financial details have yet been released as to how much the additional segments will cost, but FGN reports that future sequels will be developed, building the franchise into a huge epic story.

According to Core: "We have spent eight months designing and writing the Lara Croft book, which features several different characters, levels, stories and adventures. Players will buy the full original game from the shops and then we will offer new episodic instalments over the Internet via PlayStation 2. "The game will pan out much like a soap opera, with new characters, levels and situations being introduced at regular intervals.

Tomb Raider Next Gen will be an epic game." Tomb Raider Next Generation isn't likely to hit the shelves much before the second half of 2001, but fans rest assurred that Chronicles, the final instalment of Lara Croft as we know her, should be on sale before Christmas.

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