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[ December 11th 2001 ]

Travel may be down, but Americans rank romantic getaways as the number one way to put the fire back into a relationship, according to a national survey released today by Preferred Stock, the classic Coty fragrance for men.

After romantic trips, nearly one fifth of consumers surveyed (18%) selected fragrance as the gift they would most prefer from the love in their life. Coty commissioned the survey in conjunction with its Preferred Stock Challenge - an online contest where consumers nominate and vote on the sexiest male photos - to find out what sexy tidbits consumers prefer.

The Preferred Stock Poll asked nearly 30,000 consumers which gifts would most likely ignite romance in their relationship, where was the sexiest place to find their loved one's fragrance and their predictions on which celebrity couples' "relationship stock" would tank and which duos they think will stick together in 2002. The online poll, conducted by Byteinteractive during the week of December 3rd, produced some surprising results:

Sixty-one (61%) percent prefer taking a romantic getaway to receiving a steamy snapshot of their sweetie (6%) or sexy underwear (7%). Fragrance ranked as the second most desired gift (18%) that consumers wanted to receive from their love interests. The nape of the neck was the preferred place to find your lover's fragrance (44%) surprising when you note that finding the fragrance on the pillow ranked second (24%) and in their hair (6%) was the least favorite place.

One-forth of those surveyed (25%) give J Lo and new hubby Chris's marriage a year or less while only 15% see Bobby and Whitney throwing in the towel in the coming year. Most people (36%) predicted that Britney and Justin are destined for demise. Only 10% of consumers think that celebrity couple Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton's relationship will bite the dust in 2002 and only 12% think Madonna and Mr. Ritchie aren't marriage material.

Since its announcement in November, the Preferred Stock Challenge has been inundated with photos of guys who have put their faces on the line by putting them online at One of these hunks will become the new face of the sexy fragrance and will collect a $10,000 prize along with his newfound fame. Consumers can log on to to nominate their favorite guy or vote on the contestants in The Preferred Stock Challenge.

The site features photos of the selected nominees as well as enticing bios. In addition, questions will be posed for the nominees each week and their answers posted for review. Visitors will then have a chance to vote on the potential finalists. In February, ten finalists will be chosen to compete in the final phase of The Preferred Stock Challenge.

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