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[ December 9th 2001 ]

Intrinsic Graphics, Inc., the developer of the innovative Intrinsic Alchemy game development platform, today announced that it will for the first time make Alchemy ArtistPack for Maya available for free, downloadable via the Web. The release of Alchemy ArtistPack for Maya makes the artist tools from Intrinsic Graphics' Alchemy, the powerful 3D applications platform, available separately from its toolkit for the first time.

The announcement was made at the London, Los Angeles, New York and Tokyo sites of 3December, Alias/Wavefront's global celebration of the CG industry. Alchemy ArtistPack for Maya provides a flexible scene viewer that can be embedded directly within Maya. It allows artists to immediately grasp at modeling time how content assets will perform on the hardware platform that they are creating for.

"This seamless integration of run time previewing into a Maya window shows the extensibility that is increasingly convincing game companies to put Maya at the core of their 3D pipelines," said Geoff Foulds, Games Marketing Manager for Alias/Wavefront. "Intrinsic Graphics has done a superb job of taking advantage of the game-specific features of Maya 4.0.1."

"You should see artists' and developers' eyes light up when they watch the ArtistPack in action. It's great for artists to see the results of their work running on the console as soon as they finish," says Jesse Casman, Vice President of Marketing at Intrinsic Graphics. "The ArtistPack for Maya provides immediate and obvious benefit. It complements the amazing things you can do in Maya. It tests the art directly on the hardware, speeding up game development cycles."

Intrinsic Graphics provides developers and artists including Tomb Raider creators Core Design and Acclaim Software a powerful, more efficient way to create games, and to do it across multiple systems. The company's flagship product, Intrinsic Alchemy, is a high-performance software platform for delivering real-time 3D applications on next-generation game consoles, personal computers, advanced TV set-top boxes and future generation handheld devices.

To download the free Alchemy ArtistPack for Maya, please visit the download section at

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