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[ December 8th 2001 ]

The first superheroine, Wonder Woman, is celebrating 60 years of fighting crime. The past six decades have seen her transformed from comic book hero to the high-kicking 1970s TV babe Lynda Carter.

Fans worldwide will be dressing up in her distinctive shiny blue star hotpants and gold tiara to mark the birthday of the forerunner of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Lara Croft. Dr Glyn White, lecturer in film and media studies at the University of Central Lancashire, said she always tried to maintain her feminine charm in the TV series.

"Wonder Woman didn't use Kung Fu, she defended herself from bullets by bouncing them off her bracelets. This was vital as, at the time, TV audiences would be unlikely to react positively with strong women. Visible strength was not thought to be attractive to the male viewer. Fighting was seen as a male preserve. But women can now be strong without being seen as abnormal." White concluded.

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