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[ December 2nd 2001 ]

We have recently discovered the danger of a possible mutiny within the ranks of the robotic division that may jeopardise the future integrity of our operations, specifically the discovery of the website

Our staff, be the solid, humanoid variety that continually drive content into our site or the digital robots that efficiently dance across the circuitry of our servers during the twilight hours, receive the highest possible treatment and a number of benefits including free electricity and pension plans. We have discovered that one of our robots, Gertie, who spiders our web site each evening recording a blueprint of our news headlines and media rich content, appears to have initiated a slanderous war against our organisation - motivated by the callous influences of the Google Inktomi Spider, with whom she’s been dating for some time now.

The integrity of is at stake! A giant in the Tomb Raider community faces potential ruin should this episode erupt in the public eye. We respectfully request a coalition between our peoples to stamp out what could ignite an already flammable situation. We thank you in advance for your co-operation during this tension-thwart time.

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