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[ December 1st 2001 ]

One minute they're flashing their bits, the next they're acting all coy in manner of small woodland creatures. But we bet you can still guess who these shy stars are.

This lady's a dab hand with the sewing machine (probably) and is very fashionable, which is why she's wearing a dress you can see her knickers through. Still, her dad loves her. (Yeah, yeah, yeah.)

This little lady is famous for having a dress shop that doesn't sell dresses, a name with a title, a dog she's always walking and more gold-embossed invites than you can shake a stick at.

He's in the 'in' gang this lad. Mates with Jude Law and Sadie Frost he used to be married to Lara Croft but now (it looks like) he spends his time expressing himself through the medium of dance.

Never let it be said that a career in soaps and dating Darren Day doesn't lead anywhere. From snogging girls and burying her dad under the patio, this talented lass is a proper-job film actress now.

Bet the people who work in this shop thought it just super when she popped in for a browse. Mind you, not quite sure why she's wasting her Deutschmarks on clothes when she looks fabulous in a sack

You have to watch this one. If you annoy her she'll yell, 'I hate you so much right now', but after presenting the Mobo Awards wearing a top and knickers I guess you earn the right to yell what you fancy.

Once the wild child of Radio 1, this lady married a DJ, had a baby and now has a more relaxed approach to life. These days, she likes doing a bit of telly, a touch of presenting - and trying on comedy hats in shops.

If you saw this lady from the front, a couple of things would immediately let you know who she was. Sadly the back view is not quite big enough to help you out.

ANSWERS 1 Stella McCartney 2 Lady Victoria Hervey 3 Johnny Lee Miller 4 Anna Friel 5 Claudia Schiffer 6 Kelis 7 Zoe Ball 8 Jordan

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