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[ November 29th 2001 ]

John Ney Rieber will replace Dan Jurgens as writer for Top Cows official Tomb Raider comic book series effective immediately, according to Cinescape Magazine. Jurgens has said he will continue his paper marriage with Lara: "I'll be shifting from the current Tomb Raider monthly to do a special TR mini-series."

Dan Jurgens has already written one Tomb Raider mini series, The Greatest Treasure Of All and will continue to write for THOR. Upcoming projects include work for Batman creators DC Comics. "I just drew a Manhunter story that Kurt Busiek wrote for his new Power Company title at DC and also drew the main feature in Just Imagine Stan Lee Created Secret Origins."

Top Cow recently announced the release of Tomb Raider Journeys which sees Lara Croft take to the high seas in a nautical quest to save the world.

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