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[ November 28th 2001 ]

So youíve got Millionaire on your PC at work on your PlayStation at home but how can you get your fix of general knowledge brain teasers when youíre commuting between the two ? The answer is simple - Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? for your Personal Digital Assistant.

Released early December, itíll be available initially on Palm, followed by a Pocket PC version and a Psion game in January 2002. The great thing about this particular version of Millionaire is that Eidos is giving it away for free! All you have to do is download it to your PC or Mac and sync to your PDA to get 50 questions instantly! Then, you have the option to buy additional question packs priced at £9.99 per 500! Easy.

The game follows the format of the show to the letter, with the three lifelines to help you along the way as you try and get to the magic £1million mark. However, an additional option has been added -a countdown timer - that registers how long it takes you to answer a question. The quicker you answer, the more bonus points are awarded and the better chance you have of topping the high score table at the end.

David Burton, who is heading up the project at Eidos said, "This is a unique offering; itís the first time an entertainment brand of this calibre has appeared on PDA and weíre giving mobile gamers a great deal by giving away this full-feature download version. There will also be a mini flash version of the game for PC that can be e-mailed as a challenge between friends too."

Bruce Warren, business development manager - digital at Celador International added, "Celador International is excited by the launch of the PDA versions of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? By partnering with Eidos we have been able to use its vast experience with the brand to create a compelling gameplay experience for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? fans of all ages."

You can download your free copy of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? For the Palm in early December, just visit http://www.millionairetogo.com

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