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[ November 26th 2001 ]

Weíll let the Chairman of Eidos, Ian Livingstone take over on this one. After all, it was his concept that spawned the newest game Eidos are creating, called Beach Life. "Young people in particular have a lot of fun on holiday," he said. "It seemed to me the perfect experience to simulate in a game.

Cheap booze, loud music, romance, polluted water, mosquitoes, hot sun, beach volleyball, etc will combine to create people-watching at its best. Itís up to the players to decide what kind of resort they want to create and the type of people they want to attract to it. Players will know instinctively how to play it."

So if youíve been to any of the holiday havens that British youngsters flock to with migratory-like regularity, then youíre already half way to understanding how Beach Life will work. You have to make, from scratch, and develop the ultimate holiday resort. But the neat thing is, youíll have complete control over the type of resort you turn it into, thus dictating the type of holiday maker that will turn up and ultimately, how much money itíll make. This could be your chance to inflict some sardine like conditions on virtual members of the public!

Itís set in exotic holiday resorts from all over the world and you have to compete to create the most entertaining, lively or just plain successful holiday resort. If you fancy constructing a tacky, Ibiza like destination with hotels, bars, superclubs and all of the usual beach activities and water sports, then itís down to you. Youíll get to experience all the highs and lows of managing a resort, so you have to be as ready for a holiday romance as you do an outbreak of food poisoning or a tropical storm!

Itís being developed by Deep Red, a company with an excellent portfolio of games under their belt, and as their managing director Clive Robert points out, Beach Life will put a bit of cheer back into the world. "This is just the kind of game that the world needs right now. Itís fun, light-hearted and awesomely beautiful. It appeals to both males and females and plays on everyoneís desire to have their perfect beach holiday. Our specialist experience in this gaming genre is already beginning to pay dividends."

Beach Life is due for release in summer 2002 and weíll have plenty of information on it in the coming months.

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