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[ November 22nd 2001 ]

Paramount Home Entertainment is putting the internet at the heart of a campaign to create a buzz around the release of its Lara Croft: Tomb Raider film on DVD and VHS. It is poised to launch a through-the-line campaign to drive traffic to competition web site, developed by Haygarth Digital, the online arm of Haygarth Group.

A TV, poster, press and point-of-sale campaign by Leagas Delaney launched on November 19, the same day as the web site went live. The DVD and VHS versions of the film will be released on November 26. Pop group Atomic Kitten will help launch the campaign. The offline creative, billed as a 'Quest' challenge, will display a combination of three hieroglyphic symbols and the web address.

Consumers are required to recall the three symbols they've seen by visiting the site and clicking on a grid of 30 different symbols. If they correctly recall three symbols they have seen in the right combination, the squares on the grid unveil part of a picture. When they have identified the picture they have to submit a 25-word proposal for the next Lara Croft film. The winner scoops a round-the-world trip for two with dozens of runners-up prizes of copies of the film.

"The web site holds the campaign together and is essential to build up a database of fans so we can start a CRM programme," said a Haygarth spokeswoman. The site also features a chat room and environments from the film such as Lara Croft's Study. Paramount is believed to be spending more than pounds 1m on the campaign.

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