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[ November 19th 2001 ]

Justin Timberlake flew into Las Vegas specially to wish his girlfriend Britney Spears a happy 20th birthday. The lead singer of NSYNC used his presence as a way to warm the crowd up for her first live televised concert - which was being broadcast on American cable channel Home Box Office on Sunday,November 18.

The barely-recognisable singer donned a baseball cap as he asked the crowd for a special favour to give extra cheers to his nervous girlfriend. Timberlake says, "The camera's going to be on you lot in between songs so please cheer extra extra loudly."

Timberlake was waiting in the wings after the encore to congratulate her on her performance and sing happy birthday to her - even though she doesn't turn 20 for another two weeks. During the show, veteran actor Jon Voight also extended his acting talents by becoming Britney's father for the day.

The real-life daddy of Oscar winning actress Angelina Jolie made a special appearance at Spears' first live televised concert by reading onstage a bedtime story to a little girl portraying a younger Spears. For he played the part of Spears' dad telling her one day her dreams would come true and she would meet a man who would whisk her away.

Voight remained on stage with the unknown child actress as 19-year-old Spears made a dramatic entrance jumping out of a giant's jewellery box.

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