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[ November 15th 2001 ]

Rap idol Sean "P Diddy" Combs has stunned his fans by starring as a prisoner on Death Row in his new film. The musician - who faced jail before being cleared of gun charges earlier this year - stars as a condemned inmate in the new movie Monsters Ball alongside Hollywood stars Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thornton.

In the film, set to be released on December 26, Combs plays Lawrence Musgrove, who was murdered by a racist warden, played by Thornton. The Hollywood hunk, who is married to Tomb Raider star Angelina Jolie, then falls in lover with Musgrove's widow Leticia (Berry), despite his racist views. In one clip, Combs is seen being led to the electric chair by prison guards, including Thornton.

Combs recently revealed that he hopes to one day win an Oscar for his acting. He said: "I'm gonna work so hard that they're gonna have to give me one." At least this is a role for which he has a measure of experience - he faced 15 years behind bars until he was cleared of being involved in the 1999 nightclub shooting.

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