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[ November 15th 2001 ]

International entertainment consultancy Nadia Bronson & Associates has taken a substantial equity stake in praisery Dennis Davidson Associates. The move formalizes an alliance formed by the companies earlier this year Bronson and her associate, Thomas Castaneda, will join the DDA board of directors, which also includes Dennis Davidson; his partner, president and CEO Melanie Hodal; and former co-CEO Stacy Wood.

The alliance is designed to bring full-service international marketing, distribution and publicity skills to indies who are involved with studio split-rights deals but can't afford the large overhead of a full-time marketing staff. Bronson, the former president of international marketing and distribution for Universal Pictures, worked with DDA on such titles as U-571, 12 Monkeys, Gladiator, and Hannibal during her tenure at the studio.

Together, NBA and DDA have already worked on Mutual Film Group's Tomb Raider and Intermedia's K-PAX. Upcoming titles include IEG's Ali and Killing Me Softly for Myriad. "DDA enables NBA to realize my vision, providing producers, sales agents and distribution companies all the essential marketing disciplines," Bronson said.

BA will continue its relationship with Miramax Films, which includes the international campaigns on films such as Lasse Hallstrom's The Shipping News and the company's Golden Globes campaign. "Nadia and her team bring an entirely different perspective and expertise that comes from running a global distribution entity like Universal," Davidson said. "Adding that studio-side expertise to DDA's traditional pre-eminence in delivering major independently financed films to the marketplace is the clear advantage we bring to our clients."

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