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[ November 14th 2001 ]

California State University, Dominguez Hills will offer "How to Start a Career in Videogame Design," a one-day course designed to explore the fundamentals of pursuing a career in the videogame industry.

Crash Bandicoot, Pacman, and Lara Croft have become household names to two generations of videogamers, and many parents have wondered if their addicted offspring could get a job where the main qualification is having racked up nine digit scores playing their favorite video venom.

Parents can stop wondering. Taught by Tom Sloper, a 22-year veteran of the industry, "How to Start a Career in Videogame Design" will cover basic technical information about videogames, an overview of videogame design, and tips on starting a career in the field. Topics for the course include scholastic preparation, how to write a game, philosophy of game design, creative exercises, what to expect on the job, trends, and how to apply for a game job.

Videogame technology is a fast growing and lucrative industry. In 2000, more than 219 million computer and videogames were sold, and the average salary of a game developer is $61,403. "How to Start a Career in Videogame Design" is a great investment for college students and computer-literate young adults looking to get started in the industry as well as those interested in the concept of videogame design.

The CSUDH Division of Extended Education offers more than 40 degree, credential and certificate programs, as well as learning in retirement, travel-study and test preparation programs. Areas of emphasis include business, computer proficiency and education.

For more information contact 877-GO-HILLS or visit the Web site at www.csudh.edu/extendeded/

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