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[ November 7th 2001 ]

Prolific to the point of omnipresence, precocious to the point of annoyance, actress/DNA thief Leelee Sobieski generally manages to get herself in some good company. This time around, the botched Helen Hunt clone will join John Cusack in the Hitleriffic hijinks of Max.

Formerly known as "Hoffman", the film is a fictional account of a Jewish art dealer who critiques the work of a young pre-Reich aspiring artist named Adolf Hitler. Cusack plays the title role, while Sobieski provides a voice of reason as Hoffman's friend. Noah Taylor (Lara's "Tomb Raider" sidekick) will portray the impressionable Nazi dictator.

Cusack lauded the Max/Hoffman script, reportedly proclaiming it the best things he'd read since "Being John Malkovich". The film goes before the lens this month, with "The Color Purple" writer Menno Meyjes directing from his own script.

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