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[ October 4th 2000 ]

According to an official press release from the History Channel, the Tomb Raider saga will feature on a documentary looking behind the cultural and technological scenes of video games in a programme called Video Games: Behind The Fun. "A video game is a joyride to insanity. It is a journey to our inner nightmares and fantasies. Video games are the virtual playground for a new generation. Full of action and adventure, good and evil, quests and cyber shoot-outs, they are 3-D interactive electronic hangouts where boys will be boys and fantasies come to virtual life.

"Video Games: Behind The Fun looks at the amazing development of the video game as a technological and cultural wonder. From Pong to Tomb Raider, Atari to Playstation, Video Games: Behind The Fun plugs into the most popular and biggest breakthrough games and consoles, the phenomenon (and controversy) they've caused and how video game technology has affected how we live, work and play."

The programme is due for screening on Monday, October 9 at 10 pm ET/PT on Modern Marvels.

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