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[ November 6th 2001 ]

If Lara Croft and Tomb Raider are things you struggle to live without - then look no further! If this sounds familiar then The Official Tomb Raider Files are for you.

Read all about her adventures throughout the Tomb Raider games in reports about her many missions and battles - illustrated with 150 stunning screen-grabs from the epic series. The book also contains a detailed and heavily illustrated profile of Lara herself - including the true story about her aristocratic upbringing and her journey into the thrilling world of tomb raiding.

Telling the story so far for Lara Croft, there are biographies of her friends and enemies, features on her weapons, outfits, vehicles and training as well as puzzles and brainteasers relating to the Tomb Raider games. An absolute must-have for every dedicated fan, The Official Tomb Raider Files are an essential buy for all gamers who are mad about Tomb Raider and love Lara Croft!

The first Tomb Raider release was revolutionary in the gaming world when it appeared in 1996 and the epic game series has continued to be groundbreaking and highly-acclaimed ever since - spanning various gaming genres and playing beautifully and endlessly, gathering a strong and committed following.

The cult of Lara Croft also continues to grow. Tomb Raider Chronicles hit the games market to widespread acclaim for Christmas 2000, and Lara Croft’s next adventure will be out in 2002. And with Tomb Raider the movie being released this summer amidst a blaze of publicity, Lara Croft is set to become an even bigger pop icon.

To purchase The Official Tomb Raider Files, CLICK HERE. Thanks to Emma Bailey for the quick dispatch!

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