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[ November 5th 2001 ]

There's nothing ordinary or mundane about Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie's marriage. Even cooking and taking out the trash are a bit surreal.

"Neither Angelina nor I do the cooking. There's this service called Why Cook? and all you do is call them up and they have this whole booklet full of restaurants in our neighbourhood. We just choose the food we want each evening and they go pick it up for us and deliver it. That's how we eat every night," says Thornton. "The delivery guys know us. They're almost like our best friends."

The couple has a housekeeper who comes three times a week to clean up and take out the trash, though Billy Bob admits to doing the honours once in a while. "There are times when I kind of miss the alley so I'll take out the trash just to reacquaint myself with our alley."

There's one household chore Thornton and Jolie look forward to. "We both go to the market because we consider shopping such fun. We usually end up spending hours at the market."

Thornton is proud to reveal that he and his former wife Pietra Dawn Cherniak have reconciled their differences. She had placed a restraining order forbidding him to have contact with their sons, William and Harry.

"The kids live with Angelina and I part of the time and with their mother the other part. Their mom comes over to our house and everyone gets along marvelously. It's a good thing. No, make that a great thing."

Thornton is currently starring in Bandits with Bruce Willis and he stars in Ethan and Joel Coen's upcoming noirish thriller The Man Who Wasn't There.

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