Paul Douglas on 'Larson Conway' from original Tomb Raider
[ 22 Nov 2019 ]
Mystery surrounding Larson may finally be solved thanks to a tweet by Paul Douglas.
Shadow of the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition now available
[ 10 Nov 2019 ]
Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.
Former Eidos Interactive president Keith Boesky passes
[ 24 Oct 2019 ]
Keith Boesky, former president of Tomb Raider publisher Eidos Interactive, has passed away.

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[ November 3rd 2001 ]

Dave Cox, who has built a reputation as one of the leading sales executives in the video game industry, has joined InterAct Accessories, Inc., a Recoton company, as Executive Vice President, Worldwide Sales. Initially, Cox will further define the vision and sales strategy to grow InterAct's market leadership position in North and South America. In 2002, Cox will also oversee InterAct's plans to aggressively expand distribution in Europe.

"Dave has been an industry peer and friend for years. He is widely recognized as one of the best sales executives in the industry," says Todd Hays, President and founder of InterAct. "I believe that his experience, skills sets and proven track record for success will be a major benefit to InterAct as we strive to take our company to the next level."

With 12 years as an executive in sales in the entertainment software industry, Cox has demonstrated his sales and marketing expertise with two leading game publishers, Eidos Interactive, Inc. and Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. During his five year tenure at Eidos, with responsibilities that included Marketing, OEM, and Export Sales for North, Central and South America, Cox oversaw the release of over 130 titles that garnered over $1 billion in retail sales revenue.

"InterAct is a leader in the video game accessories industry with the largest market share and I want to be part of a leading organization," says Cox. "My vision is to grow sales in North America and develop a worldwide sales effort that compliments Todd's vision. Our business styles also compliment each other and together I believe we can achieve our long reaching goals."

As Cox joins InterAct, the company is embarking on the launch of its newest peripherals for the GameCube and Xbox consoles scheduled for launch in mid-November.

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