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[ November 2nd 2001 ]

Billy Bob Thornton has revealed a past secret affection for British actress Felicity Kendal that began when the actress starred in the 1970's sitcom The Good Life.

The Hollywood movie star/director turned country singer told Empire Magaine: "We would sit there and drool over Felicity Kendal. It was her amazing voice and those tight trousers. We were transfixed, and used to wonder whether all the women in England were like that. I'm telling you, if we'd had the cash we'd have been right over."

Miss Kendal, now 55, said she was very flattered after learning of Billy Bobís early fantasies. "Who is he?" she asked. "Oh, is he married to Angelina Jolie? I know the one. It's very kind of him, but I have to say I'm extremely glad he didn't have enough cash to come over to England. My life might have been rather different otherwise."

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