[ October 30th 2001 ]

A poll to find the best 100 celebrity bodies suggests a fuller figure is more likely to set men's pulses racing. Jennifer Lopez, famed for her ample bottom, comes top, with Kate Winslet and Kelly Brook also making the top ten.

Victoria Beckham barely scrapes into the top 50, and model Kate Moss manages only 43rd. Geri Halliwell makes the list at number five, and Catherine Zeta Jones reaches number two. David Beckham was voted best male celebrity body, only narrowly beating Prince William.

The British featured well in the lists with six out of the top 10 men coming from this side of the Atlantic while five of the top women were UK born. More than 5,000 people voted in the poll conducted for Celebrity Bodies magazine. Its editor Alison Hall says it proves thinness as a look is no longer desirable.

"Jennifer Lopez has a sensational body, admired by men and women alike, and she proves curves are more coveted than thinness. The fact that voluptuous Catherine Zeta Jones is second and the super curvaceous Kate Winslet and Kelly Brook are also in the top 10 Best Female Celebrity Bodies reinforced the message that curves are in and thinness is firmly on its way out," she said.

"And Beckham at the top of the male body league clearly shows that the fit, muscled, sporty look wins women over, especially with the youthful broad-shouldered Prince William in second place and gorgeous hunk George Clooney in third. Women like their men to be all man," she added.


1 Jennifer Lopez

2 Catherine Zeta Jones

3 Elle Macpherson

4 Angelina Jolie

5 Geri Halliwell


1 David Beckham

2 Prince William

3 George Clooney

4 Mark Wahlberg

5 Dougray Scott

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