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[ October 26th 2001 ]

Theme park special effects wizards Technifex Inc has been tagged as Technical Show Producers for Kings Island's "Tomb Raider The Ride" based on the summer blockbuster from Paramount Pictures due to open in Ohio next year.

Rock Hall, Chairman of Technifex said the company is "delighted Paramount asked us to work on Tomb Raider The Ride because entertainment technologies play such a pivotal role in this type of show. It's a great opportunity for us." Technifex will provide a one-stop management solution for Paramount's Tomb Raider theme park attraction including managing all entertainment technologies, special effect, audio and show control.

On Tomb Raider: The Ride, adventuring guests are in for an experience unique to the theme park universe that is filled with all of Lara Croft's real passions: raiding tombs, besting bad guys and one extreme adventure after another. The excitement begins with a journey into a foreboding ancient temple. As stone walls give way to others, guests will proceed through various mysterious chambers, engraved with strange, runic symbols and the debris of failed expeditions, as a sense of impending doom grows.

With only seconds to spare before certain calamity, guests strap in to the only possible vehicle of escape. Playing off scenes from the motion picture filmed in Cambodia and Iceland, the escape will include rocketing upward for a close encounter in an ice cave with menacing, razor-sharp stalactites and a face-first plunge straight down toward a pit of boiling, red-hot lava.

Tomb Raider: The Ride is currently under construction in the Rivertown section of the 364-acre theme park. All will be revealed in 2002 when the park expects to unveil the new attraction.

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