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[ October 19th 2001 ]

Windows XP users can now benefit from a series of exclusive patches that address several technical problems that occur when attempting to play Tomb Raider - The Last Revelation, Tomb Raider Chronicles, The Lost Artifact and Tomb Raider III on their Windows XP operating system.

Our exclusive multi-version Tomb Raider patches that were extensively tested on Microsoft Corps Windows 2000 Professional operating system also fully support the newest Windows XP platform with a selection of hardware profiles and video cards including: Matrox, Creative, ATI, gFORCE and Diamond Multimedia.

Prior to patching, Tomb Raider Chronicles, The Last Revelation, The Lost Artifact and Tomb Raider III instantly dumped back to desktop when executed. Following the replacement of the original Tomb Raider excecutables with our modified Tomb Raider executables, we are now able to run Tomb Raider Chronicles, The Last Revelation, The Lost Artifact and Tomb Raider III using all screen resolutions and texture depths with no desktop dump.

Windows XP users are invited to download our unofficial Tomb Raider patches and replace their existing executables with our newly downloaded versions. Please note, this is NOT an official release, and we are not responsible for any damage to your system applying this patch may cause.

Once again is the first to develop and release this exclusive Tomb Raider Windows XP Guide and patches.


Sold-out Software, a budget video game distributor, has re-packaged the original Tomb Raider with support for Windows 95/98 and Windows ME. Windows 2000 and XP platforms have both successfully supported Tomb Raider Original using a revised executable on the Sold-out Software CD.

Players must copy two new system files to the Tomb Raider Original directory and overwrite the original tomb.exe with a new version available direct from or on the Sold-out Software Tomb Raider I CD. The original Tomb Raider adventure game was build around a DOS kernel, and some users may experience problems running the application. The Tomb Raider Original patch is here for exploratory purposes only.

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