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[ 06 Apr 2021 ]
Video update and new conceptual artwork showcasing progress on The Lost Valley statue.
Tomb Raider III signature artwork reimagined by Zeronis
[ 05 Apr 2021 ]
Tomb Raider 25 continues with the release of brand new reimagined Tomb Raider III signature art.
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[ 23 Mar 2021 ]
Mystery at Croft Manor experience is now live in Creative and will be featured until March 30.

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[ October 16th 2001 ]

London based videogame publishers Eidos Interactive has announced their upcoming Soul Reaver 2 PS2 DVD-ROM will boast a variety of extra features and bonus materials, Game Spot reports today.

"In addition to the game itself, the Soul Reaver 2 disc will include 30 minutes of voice casting outtakes, 600 still images of concept art, promotional material, character renders, opening cinematics and soundtrack for Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver and Soul Reaver 2, the never-before-seen Blood Omen 2 trailer and other Eidos game trailers, developer credits and photos, and a collection of scripts and cinema sequences titled History of Nosgoth Dark Chronicle. Soul Reaver 2 is one of the first North American PlayStation 2 games to include such extensive DVD extras."

Soul Reaver 2 picks up where Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver left off, with Raziel having just plunged through the Chronplast time portal in his relentless pursuit of Kain. Over the course of his journey, Raziel must unearth the mysteries of Nosgoth’s ancient races, and expose the machinations behind the corruption of the Pillars, and the vampire genocide.

Like its predecessor, Soul Reaver 2 features real-time environment morphing enabling Raziel to switch between the material and spectral plane, and data streaming for a seamless game world and playing experience. Throughout the game, Raziel acquires numerous new abilities, weapon enhancements and spells, all of which play a crucial role in the completion of his epic adventure.

In Soul Reaver 2, Raziel finds himself plunged into various eras of Nosgoth’s past as he pursues Kain. The game introduces time travel as events span time periods well before Blood Omen, as well as just before, during, and after. Players start the game as Raziel, with all the abilities he earned in his previous adventure, including plane-shifting, swimming, scaling walls and constricting. Raziel wields the Soul Reaver at the game’s outset and by tracking down and dipping his blade into the seven elemental Reaver forges hidden throughout Nosgoth, Raziel will gain the new abilities he needs to reach every area in the game.

Soul Reaver 2 features more in-depth puzzles and richer puzzle mechanics than Soul Reaver. It also offers more architectural differences and new types of terrain and locations such as swamps, forest and cities. The game contains many new vampire types, as well as a much greater variety of human NPCs and enemies. Raziel will encounter cat-like vampires, hunters, the Sarafan warrior priests, vampire- and demon- worshipping sects of humans as well as other creatures similar to the un-dead minions and extra dimensional demons that plagued Nosgoth in Blood Omen.

Soul Reaver 2: Legacy of Kain will make it’s commercial debut November 11th, 2001 for PS2 and PC platforms.

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