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[ October 13th 2001 ]

Eidos Interactive announces Thief: Constantine’s Sword, an original title for WAP enabled mobile phones. The game is based upon characters and locations from Eidos’ critically acclaimed PC title Thief: The Dark Project. Thief: Constantine’s Sword is compatible with all WAP 1.1 enabled mobile phones, and partner operators will be announced shortly. Thief: Constantine's Sword is a fiendish combination of puzzle solving, strategy and recollection. You take on the role of Garrett a master thief, and the overall aim of the game is to steal Constantine’s sword.

The gameplay takes place across 60 levels and in each level you must make it to the exit without detection. However, Constantine has equipped his mansion with an assortment of traps, guards, and trickery to hinder your progress.

Simon Protheroe, Eidos’ Technical Director says: "With our strong catalogue of well established titles we are ideally positioned to provide content for WAP services. We are very pleased with iomo’s interpretation of Thief and believe that it will further enhance the franchise."

John Chasey, Managing Director of iomo, says: "We are pleased to announce this release in cooperation with Eidos Interactive. Once again iomo have been able to combine innovative and challenging game play with a strong, well established brand. We believe that high profile games of this calibre will help to create a truly mass market of mobile gamers."

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