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[ October 12th 2001 ]

London based publishers Eidos Interactive has announced their Project Eden action adventure has gone gold master and will be deployed to retail stores ready for its October 19th UK commercial debut.

Designed by the team that created the original Tomb Raider, Project Eden is a squad-based action/adventure featuring strategic puzzle solving, tactical use of equipment and innovative character interaction. The player may switch instantly between 1st and 3rd person viewpoints; the 1st person viewpoint allows the character to see torso and feet as well as a real-time shadow.

Taking control over a team of four characters, game-play is either single player co-operative or up to four player network. A death-match option is also available and an internet version is planned. The game-play mechanic requires the player to consider each team members' specific attributes and capabilities, but the team must always work together to progress through increasingly sinister and complex environments.

The player is only in direct control of one character at any time, although other team members may be commanded to follow. The player may switch between characters at any time and characters may be left to perform specific actions. Characters that the player is not directly controlling will defend themselves automatically and alert the player if they fall under attack.

Unless characters are ordered to follow, they will not move from where the player leaves them. As such they may be set up in strategic positions. Project Eden also enables the player to investigate areas by taking control over equipment such as exploratory vehicles and fly-cams, also to take control over remote equipment such as security cameras and gun emplacements.

The Eden characters share a collective energy resource. Provided the team has enough energy, members may be individually regenerated upon their death. 'ReGen' points are situated throughout the maps and characters are regenerated from the last ReGen point they tagged. Only if the whole team dies or loses all of its energy does the game end. The same principle applies to equipment - the team can generate items again and again, providing they have sufficient energy. This eliminates the need for a large inventory.

Driven by all-new engines, Project Eden incorporates the latest advances in mapping technologies, character skinning, animation (including variable speed playback), real-time morphing and other dedicated effects. Game-play is structured via a commanding script that leads the player through a world distorted by itís own evolution, where the inhabitants reflect an unnatural and often disturbing vigilance...

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