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[ October 10th 2001 ]

On Command Corporation, the leading provider of in-room interactive entertainment, Internet services, business information and guest services for the lodging industry, announced today that its October line up has been expanded to include major box office hits and all time favorite television shorts.

Starting in October many new studio blockbusters premiere, such as Pearl Harbor, Jurassic Park III, Planet of the Apes, America's Sweethearts The Fast and The Furious have been added to the current title line up that includes Swordfish, Tomb Raider and The Mummy Returns.

Among On Command's new mix of short features, October's line-up will incorporate classic episodes of Seinfeld, When Dinosaurs Roamed America and Showtime's hugely popular adult-drama Red Shoe Diaries and will also include the already successful hits Sex And The City and Sopranos, HBO's two best performing series.

"The strength of our extensive relationships with our studio and programming partners allows us to offer our guests and hotel partners not only the most up-to-date box office hits but proven popular short programming as well," said Chris Sophinos, president for On Command. "These relationships are very important because they enable us to expand our product offering and offer the best entertainment experience for our hotel partners and their guests."

On Command provides over 3,400 hotels and lodges with state-of-the-art in-room entertainment and information services delivered via an interactive television. Guests using the facility simply point and click with their remotes to order movies, Playstation games or gain internet access.

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