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[ October 9th 2001 ]

The BBC in London are currently engaged in transmitting a series of weekly programmes taking a nostalgic look at times gone past, featuring footage of bands, movies and trends with celebrities who were actually there voicing their thoughts.

Last Saturday, Tomb Raider starlet Lara Croft took her own trip down memory lane, courtesy of "I Love 1996", in a special five minute segment documenting her rise to fame which began at Core Design in 1996. Operations Controller Adrian Heath Smith joined former Public Relations officer Susie Hamilton in sowing together the history of videogame hero Lara Croft - from her original tomb raiding exploits to her present day appointment as videogame superstar.

"I Love 1996" featuring Lara Croft is now available to download from our servers, thanks largely to the efforts of BART!, to whom we express our sincerest gratitude. Enter our online theatre HERE.

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