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[ October 8th 2001 ]

London based Tomb Raider publishers Eidos PLC closed up 8.50 (4.51%) after witnessing heavy trading on its share price today following reinstated coverage by information carrier Merrill Lynch who attributed the companies investment allure on a current strategy designed to develop high volume genres an in-house software titles.

Last week, Goldman Sachs’ also posted a positive review of the games sector fueled by the imminent release of the next generation gaming consoles, including the XBOX from Microsoft Corp, and encouraging figures from UK high street retailer Electronics Boutique who said sales during the past nine weeks were 46 per cent higher than the same period last year.

Eidos looks set to further strengthen is position in the games sector with an impressive release resume for 2002. Among the 21 titles slated for commercial debut includes Tomb Raider Next Generation, Core Designs sixth episode in their phenomenally successful Tomb Raider adventure series.

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