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[ October 8th 2001 ]

tombraiderchronicles.com has been delivering the latest Tomb Raider content to the community for a number of years, and itís a shame when a site, formally of good reputed stead, indirectly attacks the innovation, vision and content our users have come to expect.

During the past year, we have been extensively testing a Tomb Raider Wired News service (much of the original infrastructure is still accessible from our site) which several months ago took its official place as content provider for tombraiderchronicles.com - a dedicated team of reporters, located across the globe, who work around the clock to report the latest Tomb Raider news to the community. As expected, the novelty of such innovation soon motivated certain webmasters to launch their own service, which we originally commended as another excellent resource to ultimately benefit the Tomb Raider community. (We also enjoyed the friendly competition.)

Unfortunately, instead of using their own initiative and collecting data via their own methods, one particular webmaster apparently considered us an easy target, frequenting our site almost daily and stealing the leads we generate.

It soon became apparent that a problem existed within our community, that some webmasters with previous excellent breeding soon became unable to co-exist with our operations. Unfortunately these same webmasters are now on the offensive, claiming to have been the target of theft themselves while at the same time promoting ideas powered by the work of others and offering no visible recognition. This action drives a divide between an online community which could have grown together in a rich marriage of information and content.

tombraiderchroncles.com has a proven track record for delivering first class content to the community, and receives recognition from both Eidos Interactive and Core Design and many other leading games companies and online information carriers. Weíve also pioneered a series of applications, patches and resources which have been recognised by leading companies across the world. Our team recognises and promotes innovation, and weíve given home to some of the webs best Tomb Raider related web sites and continue to support their development. We also reached out to one particular webmaster when technical problems plagued his server, but were ignored without thanks.

tombraiderchronicles.com will continue to weather this blatant theft of our work and/or innovation until such webmasters are prepared to respect our intellectural property. This release is aimed at those webmasters who are attempting to belittle the work we do while at the same time steal the ideas we deliver. (and isnít that a contradiction ?!) We would welcome any constructive dialogue those aforementioned webmasters wish to initiate, in the meantime tombraiderchronicles.com will press ahead with its original dynamically created content solutions aimed at Tomb Raider site operators.

Today is a very sad day for the Tomb Raider community, and our team are very troubled at being forced to release this statement. We are a very competitive unit and, despite the ramblings of webmasters clearly riffled by our residence on the web, welcome and recognise innovation from outside our immediate circle, and we've never been ashamed or fearful to promote it!

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